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Windows 10 – Bare Metal Deployment (Part 2 – Adding .NET 3.5)

Okay, it’s been a busy few days but I finally needed to get back to this topic.

In part 1 I talked about the custom actions needed to deploy a Windows 10 image using SCCM 2012.  I’m re-inventing my OS deployment process and eliminating the use of a custom-built base image and instead will be using the factory WIM file and performing all customizations at build-time.  We had trimmed down the custom actions used to generate the base image over time, so I felt it was a good time to cut the custom base image loose and streamline the process.

In this part I’ll go over the changes I needed to make to get the .NET 3.5 feature added.  Windows 10 included .NET 4.5 but we have some applications that specifically require .NET 3.x.

I could not use the native “Install Roles and Features” step in the SCCM task sequence.  Since my task sequence is applying the factory WIM as an image and not running it through setup, I cannot reference the SXS files in the OS source.  Windows 10 is imported as an Operating System Image and not an Operating System Installer so there are no supporting files.

To get .NET 3.5 installed will take a little creativity.
I want to thank Niall Brady for the info on this process.
[If you’re looking for some serious information on how to do SCCM, his site is the place.]

We have 2 “Run Command Line” actions required to get this done.

  1. Make the needed SXS files available
  2. Use DISM to add the .NET feature

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