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Creating Your Own Personal Hydration Solution – Part 1: Setting Up

Part 0 Introduction
Part 1 Setting Up
Part 2 First VM – Windows Router
Part 3 Domain Controller
Part 4 Configuration  Manager Infrastructure

In this first installment we’ll work on getting the foundation set for building up the lab.  We’ll configure the virtual networks, the host networking and get our MDT environment installed and configured.  We are going to use a number of tricks that I’ve learned from others.

[This is going to be a long one.]

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Released: MDT Lab Builder 1.2 – Now with Windows Server Virtual Router

I’ve updated my MDT Lab Builder with the addition of building a virtual router using Windows Server 2012 R2.  I referenced this article from Johan when setting it up.  You do not need any additional software, the build of the router will use the same Server 2012 R2 source used in building the other VMs.

The VM (RTR01) will not be joined to the lab domain.  I keep it in a workgroup so that it isn’t reliant on the existence of the lab domain and can be used with other projects.  The configuration of Routing and Remote Access will allow your lab machines to reach the Internet (as long as your external network has access to the Internet).  You can use this VM to explore routing using a Windows Server.  You could hang additional virtual switches off of it and configure  your own lab network with multiple subnets.  Experiment with using DHCP relay on the router.  Use Distribution Points in other LANs or even grab an evaluation copy of Nomad Branch from 1E and see how that works.

It’s a learning tool.  Give it a shot and see what you learn.



MDTLabBuilder – Roadmap

I thought I’d lay out some of the ideas that I have for the direction I plan to take my lab builder.  I”m wrapping up version 1.1, which handles standing up a basic Configuration Manager infrastructure (1 Primary Site and 2+ Distribution Points) and should have it ready in the next day or so.

NomadBranch and PXE Lite from 1E
We use this where I work and I think that it might be useful for others to see how it works.  My lab builder relies entirely on evaluation software, so I’ll have to see if an eval version of the software is freely available from 1E.

Multiple Subnets
This would make demonstrating NomadBranch and PXE Lite much easier, particularly when used for OS deployment.  Having a “remote” office where 1E’s software handles the PXE booting and content sourcing would be helpful.

Windows 10
I’d like to be able to put Windows 10 deployment and management through its paces, using both MDT as well as SCCM.

System Center Orchestrator
This one is for me.  Orchestrator has interested me but I’ve never really gotten a chance to really try it.

Thoughts?  Any suggestions as to what you would like to see?