How Often Do You Get to Touch a 10,000 Year Old Mammoth?

Earlier this week a farmer just outside of town was excavating in his field and uncovered the skeleton of a Wooly Mammoth. It made big news here and the story was picked up by a number of big news franchises.  Anyway, the farmer is the father-in-law of my wife’s friend and she invited us out to see it.

How could I say no?  I’ve seen skeletons of mammoths in museums and drawings of them since i was a kid.  But this was an opportunity to actually touch something that roamed the very land where my house now sits, an animal that lived and died here 10,000 years ago.  It was amazing to say the least.  What struck me was the shear size of everything.  I know mammoths were large, but the skull was probably as big as my dinning room table.  The tusks surprised me in that they were so smooth.  I don’t know why I thought they would be rough but I was surprised that they were smooth, almost polished.

Well, here are links to some of the news stories for more info and below that are some pictures.

Farmer finds woolly mammoth bones in Michigan field (Detroit News)

Woolly mammoth bones found in Michigan soy field (Chicago Tribune)

Farmer digs up woolly mammoth bones in Michigan soy field (Washington Post)

Michigan farmers discover woolly mammoth skeleton (BBC News)

Woolly Mammoth Skull

Woolly Mammoth Skull

Mammoth Front of Skull

Mammoth Front of Skull

Mammoth Shoulder Balljoint

Mammoth Shoulder Balljoint

Mammoth Tusk Tip

Mammoth Tusk Tip

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