Learn from my Mistakes – SCCM 2012: Importing Computers and Limiting Collections

This is probably one of those “Duh” moments that we all have but I thought I’d share it anyway.

I was getting frustrated when I was importing the MAC address of a new, out of the box computer into SCCM 2012 to be used to test my latest development build.  I had a testing collection used solely for testing this new build.  I’d import the computer and have the wizard place it into my testing collection, but it would never show up.  I’d search All Systems and it would be there, so I know the import worked.  I tried importing using a CSV.  I tried adding the resource manually.  I tried adding the object to the collection using a query.  Nothing worked.  No mater what I tried the imported computer would not appear in my test collection.

Then I noticed that my test collection was limited to a custom collection we have set up for only Windows 7 computers.  I could only chuckle and laugh at myself for missing that in the first place.

So, what happened?

When you import a computer into SCCM it is added to the All Systems collection.  That’s why when I searched All Systems I could find my imported machine.  If, while going through the Import Computer wizard you specify a collection to add it to SCCM will create a direct membership rule for your newly imported computer account.

Where things went off the tracks for me was that my test collection was limited to that Windows 7 custom collection.  That collection was, for the record, built using a query that looks at the OS info returned from Hardware Inventory.  Since my imported computer had never reported inventory the query to scoop it up would pass right over it.  So it only sat in All Systems, and since my test collection was not looking at All Systems it would never find it.  No matter what I wanted.

Morale of the story?

If you’re going to be using a test collection for something like build testing, be sure that it is limited to the All Systems collection if you’re going to be importing new, out of the box computers for testing.

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  1. Nice one Mike. That one can catch people out for sure.


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