Windows 10 Build 9926 Upgrade Issues

Just finished upgrading my machine from build 9879 to build 9926 and wanted to document some issues. 1) before I forget since the Windows Feedback app won’t work and 2) so others might learn from my pain.

Stat Menu

First, the updated Start Menu is awful!  I cannot re-size it.  I can only make it full screen or the size that Microsoft has decided to make it.  In 9879 I had made it taller, but now with 9926 I cannot.  I also lost all my pinned items in both my Start Menu and my Taskbar.  (Search isn’t working so I have to hunt my apps all down and re-pin them.)  The alphabetized Start Menu is terrible.  Some might like it, but not me.  How can I change it?  The Customize button is disabled.




My paused Hyper-V VMs will not restart.  I get an error about the saved state is not compatible.  I probably shot myself in the foot and should have powered my VMs down before starting the upgrade.  But I imagine that if I had left them up and running over the weekend the 9926 build would have installed anyway, so….



I was really hoping to try this but there looks to be some GPO setting in our domain that is blocking it.


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  1. Thanks for the info. We are a Novell shop and when we installed the Novell Client IR9 or IR10 we ended up with a broken login screen on 9926. Have you noticed that? We made a change to have the computers automatically login to the desktop. Then we can login to Novell at the desktop. Not the best method, but it works for testing.


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