Windows 10 In-Place Upgrade – Admitting Defeat

I give up. I’ve had absolutely no luck in getting an in-place upgrade from Windows 7 to Windows 10 to work on my workstation. It works wonderfully in an Hyper-V VM and I was so hopeful that it would work on hardware. But, I have 30,000+ machines out there that one day I’ll have to move to Windows 10, and if the very first piece of hardware I attempt it on fails that does not give me a good feeling. 

Microsoft, you’ve lost me on this. I was so hyped on using this method for moving to Windows 10. I was sold when I saw the presentations at TechEd Europe. This was going to make my future so much easier. Like I said, I have over 30,000 machines out there and those numbers are only going to grow. I was even trying to convince my supervisors to allow me to upgrade some machines in our environment to Windows 10. But you lost me. 

I’ve tried updating all the drivers from HP. I’ve tried updating drivers direct from the various hardware vendors. I’ve tried stripping drivers out of the machine. I’ve disconnected my Microsoft peripherals. I even attempted a “clean boot”. Everything failed. I gave up hope of using it once it reached the point that I was wrestling to try to make it work. 

The fact that it isn’t working for me is problem enough, but my bigger issue is the lack of usable logging. The setupact log is over 50MB. I load it up in CMTrace and it’s clean. The highlighted “errors” or “failures” are false positives. 

If you want my opinion (for what it’s worth), please improve the logging. If there’s a failure of some kind just tell me, in plain language what went wrong. Continue logging all of your detailed debugging info but just give me a simple explanation of what imploded so I can try to fix it. 

Instead I’ve spent a week working with the IT community relying on “Try this….”, or “Have you given this a try….”, or “Maybe this will work…”

 In the meantime I’m going back to wipe and load builds for Windows 10.

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