Moving to Windows 10 – Jumping into the Deep End

[Updated 1 December 2014]
Still having no luck what so ever getting the in-place upgrade to work.  It’s not SCCM causing the problem since I’m getting the same hang and/or “Your PC ran into a problem…” crash attempting to upgrade from the DVD.  The in-place upgrade works every time on a Hyper-V VM. 

It’s throwing an error that seems to lead towards the Nvidia drivers horking things up.  But I’ve tried the latest drivers from HP, the latest drivers direct from Nvidia and even removing the drivers all together.  Still the system will not complete the upgrade.  Tomorrow morning I’m going to try a “clean boot” as suggested by someone on the Windows 10 forums.

So far though the rollback has worked perfectly each and every time.

Children, this is what a lack of patience will get  you.


Patience has never been my strong suit, so after a couple of nights trying to make the upgrade work with Novell I decided to just go for it.

I made sure that my workstation was current with updates.  Exited out of all of my applications and turned off auto start programs (like Lync).  I rebooted it to make sure that any pending changes had a chance to be sorted out.

Fired up Software Center, selected my “Windows vNext Upgrade” task sequence, held my breath and clicked “Install”.

Things moved along smoothly.

Up to a point…

I’m now staring at the boot animation (blue Windows flag and the pinwheel of white dots spinning).  It hasn’t reached the final “Setting up some things” message yet.  I’m hoping that it’s still working (did I mention my patience problem?), but there’s no disk activity.

Not looking good… 😦

Nope, it hung.  So after a reboot the upgrade rolled back perfectly so I haven’t lost anything.  Now, I just need to crack open the setup logs and try to figure out what happened.

But first, turkey!!!

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