Moving to Windows 10

Knowing is not enough, we must apply.
Willing is not enough, we must do.
– Bruce Lee

I’ve decided to challenge myself and move my primary workstation over to Windows 10. I know the disclaimers about it being pre-release and not to use it on production, critical systems.  Well like most of you testing Windows 10 the only way to really put it through its paces is to use it every day.  So, I’m going to use it to do my day to day work.

To that end I have to take the first step, getting it installed.  Now I could wipe my system and hand install it, but seeing that the main focus of my job is OS deployment I’d be disappointed if I didn’t do this right.

Next question: Do I create a custom base image and use SCCM to deploy it to my system?  See if I can be lucky and just plug in a Windows 10 image into my Windows 7 task sequence?  Or do I attempt an in-place upgrade?

Seeing that I’ve done some simple demos of the in-place upgrade I think that I’m going to tackle that. I’m going to eventually need a process for upgrading the existing population of Windows 7 machines at work (~30,000) so no time like the present to get started.

Once I have a working upgrade sequence I’ll go after creating a custom image using MDT and a bare-metal / wipe & reload sequence to deploy it using SCCM.

Along the way I’ll write about the journey here.

Stay tuned….

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