Moving to Windows 10 – Initial Testing

From prior tests using the task sequence template that the SCCM Team posted on their blog, out of the gate I knew I was going to have some issues to address.

  1. The primary login provider is reset to the Windows default
  2. Our GUI branding is reset to the Windows 10 defaults
    1. A custom set wallpaper is reverted to the blue Windows 10 image
    2. The login background is set to the multicolor Windows image

We still use Novell as our primary login provider (don’t get me started) so if the primary login is reset to the Windows provider it essentially breaks the (artist formerly known as) GINA chain.  That’s a big deal so I should probably tackle that first.

In prior tests I’ve found that the Novell client software is still present on the system and is functioning.  I can hit the icon in the System Tray and log in.  My initial thought is that it was just knocked out of the provider stack.  If I can put it back into the order I might get lucky.

Turns out that is not the case.  We have an existing script that toggles this exact thing.  On laptops we don’t want the Novell client to be primary since when users are offsite they won’t have the ability to authenticate against Novell.  My first test was to drop that script into the task sequence and…..

… No luck

The script didn’t change a thing.  In fact it complained about being unable to determine a number of our proprietary configuration settings.  These were items that we stored in a custom key in the Registry.

This uncovered another problem:
The HKLM\System key is cleaned/purged/replaced.  All of our custom keys were gone, and with that gone our scripts have nothing to key off of.

Fortunately that’s an easy fix.  Prior to the upgrade action I’ll just export our custom key.  While I’m at it I had better grab the key that stores the environment variables as well.  Then after the upgrade I’ll import those REG files back into the Registry and we should be fine.

That test worked fine and the script ran correctly.  But the Novell client still isn’t the primary login provider.  My gut tells me that the cleaning of the System key has most likely taken out some rather important settings used by the Novell client.  So to be safe I reinstalled the Novell client.

… Still no luck

After 3 nights of fighting with this, maybe I’ll just jump into the deep end and come back to the Novell client later.  Our Linux team says that they are retiring Novell this Spring anyway….  😉

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