Windows 10: In-Place Upgrade (Part 3 – MDT)

Next up, MDT 2013

Now that we’ve done this in SCCM porting it over to MDT should be much simpler seeing that we don’t have to worry about knocking the SCCM client over and then standing it up again.


  • A working MDT server (does not necessarily have to be in a domain)
  • An existing Windows 7/8 client
  • Download the Windows 10 Technical Preview (I’ll be using build 9879)
  • Optionally, download the Zip file with the task sequence template from the SCCM Team blog

The task sequence template from the blog is for SCCM, but it’s handy to have as a reference.

When creating the task sequence in MDT most of what is being done by the PowerShell scripts in the download is not necessary.  The sequence and scripts from the SCCM Team blog are geared towards deploying with SCCM (of course).

For the sake of my test I re-created the sequence as close to identical to the SCCM one.


I commented out the SCCM related portions of the various PowerShell scripts and when it was all said and done there really wasn’t much left.

Along these same lines Michael Niehaus did a demonstration during one of his TechEd Europe sessions (WIN-B338) where he used MDT to upgrade a Windows 7 machine to Windows 10.  It’s about 30 minutes into the presentation.  The task sequence used in his SCCM demo is the exact one that the SCCM Team made available on their blog.  He shows the MDT sequence details around the 39 minute mark.  Comparing the sequence he used in his demo with the one I re-created from the SCCM Team blog, I preferred his.

I don’t know why though it throws a warning at the end of the sequence.  I’m sure it’ll be something simple though.



I recommend his TechEd presentation.  There’s a lot of good stuff in it.  Some really cool stuff coming down the line for deploying Windows 10.

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  1. Mine would do the same thing with the warning at the end 🙂


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