Windows 10: In-Place Upgrade (Part 2 – SCCM)

First Up, SCCM 2012

The blog posting uses SCCM 2012 to upgrade a machine to Windows 10.  That is where I will start.  Later I’ll set this up inMDT 2013.


  • Working SCCM 2012 R2 infrastructure (I’ll use the VMs created with my MDTLabBuilder)
  • A Windows 7 (or 8.x if you prefer) machine that is joined to the domain and has a healthy SCCM client
  • Download the Windows 10 Technical Preview (I’ll be using build 9879)
  • Download the Zip file with the task sequence template from the SCCM Team blog

If you want, to make things a little easier you can create a quick task sequence to deploy your Windows 7/8 machine.

First, you need to prepare you Windows 7/8 target system.  It does not have to be complex, just a simple domain joined workstation or VM.  In my case I’m using virtual machines.  I just set up a machine and for demonstration purposes staged it with some user data and system changes.

Changes made to the target system:

  • Changed the wallpaper
  • Installed Microsoft Word
  • Customized Microsoft Word
  • Pepper some user files on the Desktop, user’s documents and a folder off the root of the C: drive

Follow the instructions from the SCCM Team’s blog on importing the task sequence and staging your files and run your test system through the upgrade process.





The demo documents were are still in place.  But you can see that the user’s wallpaper was not retained.  Could just be the TechPreview build.

Also, Microsoft Word had to repair and reconfigure itself.

Not perfect, but much better than a wipe and reload.

Next stop, doing this with MDT 2013…..


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