Released: MDT Lab Builder v 1.1

[Update: Possibly why the script doesn’t work when run as part of the task sequence (See below)]

It took a little longer than I had planned but it’s ready.  I haven’t finished the Windows 10 in-place migration portion yet, so this version will build:

  • DC01 – Domain Controller
  • MDT01 – Microsoft Deployment Toolkit Server
  • CM01 – Configuration Manager 2012 R2 site server
  • DP01/DP02 – 2 SCCM 2012 R2 Distribution Point Servers

[Download MDTLabBuilder v 1.1 here]

If you’ve already downloaded and used v 1.0 you can just replace the files with the ones found in this version.  The MDT prep script as well as the Hyper-V lab build-out script have both been updated to handle existing components.  If you have modified any of the configuration files (i.e. customizing the domain or IP information) then be sure to back up the configuration CSV files so they are not overwritten.

Known Issue:
There is a problem with the script that configures SCCM.  My original intent was to be that during the build of the site server the DPs would be added automatically.  That’s why the DPs are built first, so that they exist when CM01 is built.  I’ve fought with it for the last few nights with no success.  If I run the script manually it works, but when called from within the task sequence it executes but does not add the distribution points.

So, tonight I decided that I’m probably too close to the problem at this point and need to step back and just let it be as it where.  When the build for CM01 completes, you fill find a PowerShell script on the Desktop.  Open an Administrative PowerShell prompt and execute the script.  It will perform the initial configuration of CM01.

It will:

  1. Create a Distribution Point Group
  2. A,dd DP01 and DP02 as distribution points
  3. Add all three servers to the DP Group
  4. Configure the discovery methods
  5. Initiate an AD Forest Discovery
  6. Create some Boundary Groups

I’m going to take a break from the SCCM configuration script problem for a bit and focus on getting the Windows 10 in-place upgrade working within MDT.

Update: Possible reason why the script does not work when run during the task sequence.

I have a theory, but it’s a bit of a long shot.  When the script executes during the task sequence the ConfigMgr PowerShell drive does not exist yet.  So the script is unable to execute the required PowerShell commands.

I did a test build using the builder.  When CM01 completed I logged in and attempted to run the configuration script.  It threw several errors that the PSDrive (PS1) wasn’t present.  Only after I opened the ConfigMan console and THEN ran the configuration script did it work.  Looking back I would always open the console first thing to check to see if somehow I had been able to get the script working in the sequence.

So, maybe the PowerShell drive isn’t initialized or available during the running of the task sequence and that is why the script doesn’t work?


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